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Mode Agile Email Marketing

Countdown Timer:

Increase the conversion rate from Time-Bound Promotional Deals

Why use Countdown Timer for your Mailer?

  • Increase the conversion rate from limited-time promotional deals
  • Utilize special promotional emails through embedded content with a countdown timer
  • Create urgency through time-bound emails
  • Adapt in real time to context-based events (ex. A store alerting you to the end date of a sale currently going on)
  • Organize timely events, promotions, and other special features in order to increase engagement with consumers
  • Add clarity to campaign by adapting to different dates, time zones, etc.


Dynamic Images:

Create urgency through dynamic content

Why use Dynamic Images?

  • Increase the conversion rate from emails based on location and time (morning, midday, evening)
  • Boost the relevance of your emails by maximizing your subscriber’s attention
  • Help create timely and relevant ads in order to personalize the experience and tailor specific products/services to the consumer
  • Increase consumer interest and engagement with eye-catching imagery

Device Based Images:

Display different offers, deals, events, etc. based on the device

  • Increase the conversion rate from emails through images and content that can technologically adapt to specific devices
  • Create and differentiate the most appropriate images based on type of device (mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.)
  • Increase adaptability of campaign by reaching out to multiple devices, therefore reaching a broader audience
  • Adjust image in real time by acclimating to specific dates, time zones, etc., in order to achieve a more personalized experience for the consumer


Advanced Analytics:

Track user on the basis of location, device, time, etc.

  • Improve precision and performance of campaigns and other services.
  • Use real-time consumer data in order to construct analytic models that can predict efficacy and results of campaign
  • Provide ability to increase growth and marketing return on investment (MROI)
  • Use tactics like Marketing Mix Modelling, which analyzes statistical data in order to estimate impact of marketing campaigns on sales

Location Based Images:

Offers, deals, events, and other information updated on the basis of location

  • Adjust events like deadlines and start dates of special promotions in real time
  • Adapt images to individualized factors such as time zones, dates, town/city, etc., on the go
  • Increase relevancy of campaign by using images more familiar to the consumer
  • Most effective with mobile ads or services, which can tailor their content to a mobile user based on his or her current location
  • Help marketers target their ads based on geography, as well as through social media and specific apps that utilize location-based technology


Social Streaming:

Live content update on Social Media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

  • Integrate social media sites with ongoing, location-based services in order to increase personalization and relevance to consumers
  • Engage directly with consumers, as well as bloggers and other social media influencers in order to increase consumer trust, as well as the chance of future patronage
  • Utilize “live streaming” within a campaign in order to share videos or other content in real time, give a “behind-the-scenes” perspective to consumers, and to forge loyalty with target audience
  • Connectivity with social media users and other internet personalities increases the chance of campaign content going “viral,” and being digitally spread by like-minded consumers—at no cost to the company
  • Use “microcontent,” or small-sized content, that immediately hooks the reader and helps them immediately scan the material, in order to generate consumer interest—and allow said content to be more easily spread across various social media platforms

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